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Memoirs of a Gaijin

Memoirs of a Gaijin: A Humorous Look at the Daily Life of a Foreigner in the Japanese Countryside
Erin Neff Peters

Comprised of the emails sent to family and friends, Peters reflects on her encounters and adventures in Japan. While I indeed found myself laughing out loud at some parts, most of it seemed lacking.

The book is in sore need of a severe edit, as it seems like the emails were copied to book format but not edited for spelling or grammar.

Also, Peters fails to address the common reader instead of people she knows personally. Most of the entries lack actual depth in terms of her own character, and she often says things like "as you all know". What she fails to realise, when transferring these emails to a common medium, is that, no, we don't know, but we would like to learn. However, she rarely, if at all, goes into detail about her own background.

As well, she tends to be a little bit stereotypical when she discusses Japan and its people, almost to the point of the occasional prejudice comment, which I found unacceptable.

However, if you are able to take the aforementioned with a grain of salt, you will find that this collection will tickle you just enough to make it worth while.

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